Create Healing Plans

Some faith communities believe that sickness and disease are punishment from God.  You’ll learn that there are many reasons for sickness—some are lifestyle related and others are organic.  There is no shame, guilt or blame associated with illness.

PrayerCare focuses on how to integrate self-care with prayer.  The audience for this teaching are Christian women who have only been taught that prayer is the only way to heal and are seeking more. We will teach you how to be proactive with your healing because your body was created to heal.  PrayerCare teaches that integrating self-care modalities with prayer can produce long-lasting health and healing.

You can design a healing plan that keeps you grounded in your faith and one that promotes your Christian lifestyle without compromising your core spiritual beliefs.  The healing plan will address all areas of life including spirituality, work & career, fun & play, relationships, health & healing and finances.

Some common self-care practices are relaxation, guided imagery, massage therapy, stress management, aroma therapy, spending time in nature, art, poetry and practicing gratitude. The Plan is designed to give specific processes and activities to help achieve your goal of wellness. Your healing plan will also include practices and activities to help you deepen relationship with God.

Contact Us via email if you feel drawn to create your healing plan to transform your health.  We’d love to speak with you.