Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Y. Price, PhD (Dr. Che) is the owner of Wellness by Design.  Her mission is to provide conscious women inspirational and educational content that empowers them to life their best life.  Dr. Che is a dynamic presenter who blends her experience in stress management, holistic health and healing, business, managing grief, overcoming adversity and her doctorate in sacred religious healing to help women learn ways love themselves, make right choices, overcome fear and self-doubt, stay resilient, heal their bodies and live their purpose.

Dr. Che is fiercely passionate about teaching women the many ways to transform their health.  Her work honors her mom who died from breast cancer at the age of 47, who believed in only one way to heal–through prayer.  Dr. Che honors her mom’s path as it was a catalyst for her own journey to discover additional healing practices and teachings that can bring healing results to those who are conscious and curious.

Dr. Che brings enthusiasm, high-energy and 35+ years of experience to her speaking and training.  She is a passionate teacher and compassionate healer.  Her presentations, talks and teachings are fresh and thought-provoking and always customized to her audience. She has appeared as a guest expert in stress management on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television as well as host of her own radio program, You Can Be Healed. She has presented at numerous venues as well as her own self-hosted workshops and seminars.

Dr. Che is the author of 10 Tips for Terrific Health Your Body Will Love; 9 Prescriptions for Drug-Free Healing Your Body Will Love, When Prayer Is Not Enough to Heal Your Body: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Healing and Self-Discovery; and Ten Commandments for Healing.  She is also a guest writer for SIBYL MAGAZINE: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman – 2018.

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